Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Donald Sterling Admired Koreans? What An Insult.

As a Korean guy, I can think of few greater insults than being racially praised by someone like Donald Sterling.

So he has seriously slandered me and many others.

Like many good old racists, Sterling looked down on Blacks and Latinos but had a paternalistic admiration for Asians, Koreans in particular. He loved the fact that they apparently were willing to put up with any living conditions without complaint and pay the rent on time. He loved them so much that even though he hired almost no minorities in his real estate business, he hired a very high number of Asians. And predictably, almost all of them were women. According to a former employee named Sumner Davenport, it was because these Asian female employees supposedly knew how to please him and could teach other female employees like Ms. Davenport on how to be properly deferential. And in a shocking twist, Ms. Davenport also once sued Sterling for sexual harassment.

Sterling dislikes Black people to the point where he will not hire them or let them live on his property. He doesn't even want his people to associate with Magic Johnson, a superior in almost every respect. But he will have sex with their women. Why aren't You People more grateful?

It's the old La Malinche/Pocahontas Complex: Look down on another race, kill the men, but keep the women if they submit to you in a ego-gratifying way.

Beautiful exotic wind-talking woman falls in love with colonizer and brings peace everywhere. Why, it's practically as if European imperialism and colonialism was good for everyone.

No wonder Sterling loves Asians. He can use us to attack racial AND gender equality. When other minorities complain about racism, he uses us to say, "Be more like Asians." When women complain about sexism, he uses us to say, "Be more like Asians." We're the Swiss Army Knife for bigots lost in the wild forests of progress.

It'd be bad enough if it were the peculiar opinion of some old kook whose world view would soon rot away with his carcass. But it's a prevalent and influential belief that has defined the image of Asians in America as the Model Minority. We're sometimes called "Honourary Whites," as if that were something to aspire to. Furthermore, if you an honest conversation with Asians, they can tell you the exact moment they realized that they were not and would never be White.

What an honour

Asians in America are constantly redefining ourselves and making progress, and I am very proud of that. I will be satisfied with our level of achievement when the next Donald Sterling comes along and we find out that he absolutely despises us.

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