Monday, June 17, 2013

Korean celebrities that people have said that I resemble

One of the big perks about being in Korea for me is that I don't feel racially estranged from pop culture. If you're white in America, then you have an endless catalog of famous people, either real or fictional, to use as references. And even in foreign countries, people will probably compare you to Brad Pitt or Audrey Hepburn or Harry Potter. But most Americans don't reciprocate that kind of attention to foreign pop cultures.

In America, when my friends start playing the celebrity lookalike game, I'm usually always excluded because I don't look like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. In fact, since I don't look like them, I'm glad to be left out because the only major references left are William Hung or Mr. Chow or Kim Jong Il.

No thanks.

But in Korea, I get to experience what it's like to be in the majority group, and to not be ignored in the media. I AM NOT SAYING THAT I AM ANYWHERE NEAR AS ATTRACTIVE AS THESE FOLLOWING CELEBRITIES.  I'm just saying that at some point in my life, some people have noticed that the following celebrities and I share at least one set of features that are alike to some degree.

Lee Jun Ki

My grandmother always compares me to him, and some girls have done so as well. I can sort of see it, especially around the eyes and lower face (though I'd obviously have to work to get that glorious black mane of his). Lee Jun Ki is an actor/singer, but I've never really seen him in anything. He was really popular a few year ago but had to go to the military. I think he just got out. I don't know much more about him.

Park Hae Il

I only heard this once from a male acquaintance of mine. Park Hae Il is a very respected actor who's considered more of a thinking woman's heartthrob. I've seen him in the films Memories of Murder and Eun Gyo. The former was very good, and the latter was kind of boring.

Park Shi Hoo

Er, I'm not sure how I feel about this comparison because Park Shi Hoo was recently embroiled in a date rape controversy that has come to a very shady conclusion. He's a somewhat popular actor, but I've never seen him anything.

Andy (Shinhwa)

A girl once told me this. Back then, I had no idea what Shinhwa was (they're a very famous boy band from about 10 years ago), so I had to look this guy up.

Park Yoo Chun (TVXQ)

Nobody's actually told me this. I just got a 97% match or so from a Korean smartphone app that compares your face to those of celebrities. That was the highest match rating I ever got with any celebrity. Park Yoo Chun was a member of the now-split TVXQ, which in its heyday was like the Backstreet Boys plus 'N Sync of Asia.

So Ji Sub

Honest to god, this is the one I've heard the most. Seriously, I'm not just being delusional and making stuff up in a pathetic attempt to boost my self-esteem on my own blog.

I remember the first time someone made this comparison many years ago, and it seemed like the greatest compliment I had ever received, or would ever receive, in my life. Because, okay, I've never been one to question my sexuality, but if So Ji Sub asked me out on a date for whatever reason, I'd probably say yes and rush home to figure out what to wear.

Regardless of one's sexual orientation, a guy should be allowed to admire another guy's looks, even if only from a purely artistic point of view. And I feel that if, say, the Hagia Sophia were a man's face, it'd be this dude's face.

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