Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dimes Are The Best Coins

There's a cafe near my house that only takes cash, so it often gives me a chance to empty out my piggy bank of coins. We don't use coins a lot these days, and there are lots of arguments that are made to abolishing pennies and even coins altogether. I don't have a stance on either issue, but if we were to eliminate coins, starting with the least to most useful, the dime should be the last one standing.

The dime is so efficient! It's so light and thin, but it's worth a relatively high 10 cents. If you're ever in a need to get a few dollars worth of coins, you'll love how quickly dimes add value. Sure, quarters are worth more, but they're big and bulky and have you ever tried carrying a wallet stuffed with them? You'd better hope that you don't fall into a river because you'll probably sink to the bottom. Say hi to Tony Soprano's enemies for me! And nickels are wildly disproportionate in their size:value ratio. Pennies? Next question.

Not only that, but there are many positive connotations with the word "dime." A "dime" can refer to an assist made in basketball, which happens to be the primary statistic of point guards. Fittingly, my favourite basketball players, like Magic Johnson and Jeremy Lin, also happen to be point guards. And although the following usage of the term is probably objectifying and sexist, a "dime" can also refer to an extremely attractive woman in somewhat dated hip hop lingo. A "dime bag" also means a certain amount of marijuana, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your own appreciation of mind-altering substances. But probably a good thing.

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