Saturday, July 21, 2012

Photos from around my neighbourhood

Just thought I should put up some photos from around where I live. Pictures were taken on my Galaxy S2.

This is my general neighbourhood. On the left hand side are the Jamsil Park Rio Apartments, and on the right is the Seoul Asan Medical Center.

This is Cafe Has Bean, a local coffee shop I like to bike over to when I need to get any kind of work done.
Espressos are about $2.50, which is a great price in Korea. I go there a lot, so sometimes they give me free Oreos.

@Olympic Park. The wide open spaces here allow me to practice riding my bike without my hands.

Taking a momentary refuge from the metropolis @Olympic Park

Waiting at the bus stop at my nearest subway station on my way home

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  1. hey man, i like the blog! i feel like i also fit in nowhere and everywhere haha. - seunghwa