Thursday, July 26, 2012

Romney's appreciation of America's Anglo-Saxon heritage in full display

I would really like to steer clear of politics on this blog, but the Mitt Romney Comedy Tour is just too hard to resist.

Recently, a Romney advisor said that a President Romney would be better able to appreciate the special Anglo-Saxon heritage of the US than President Obama. The fact that the US has an Anglo-Saxon heritage (among many other heritages) is undeniable, so that's not a big deal.


But it's not as if US-UK relations have been strained as of late, even if it isn't exactly the star-crossed lovefest that was Bush & Blair. By all accounts, Obama and British PM David Cameron get along quite well. So why on earth does Romney feel the need to march into Britain and say what he did?

Come on, this is a truly clumsy racial dog-whistle. It's obvious that Romney was trying to speak to certain demographics in America that fervently believe that someone like Barack Obama despises everything Anglo-Saxon and will either openly or surreptitiously seek to destroy all those associated with that culture. These people also believe that being an anti-colonialist (kind of like George Washington, maybe?) or a Muslim is a bad thing.

Obama secretly using his patented 2-Finger Kenyan Voodoo Witch Doctor Curse
to poison poor unsuspecting Anglo-Saxon David Cameron's hot dog

The story has a happy ending though, in that Romney does his whole graceless schtick once again and offends the leader of the UK by criticizing some of the London Games' preparation.


Credit to David Cameron for a Churchill-worthy zinger when he claimed that the Olympics are a lot harder to organize when it is held in a busy metropolis as opposed in the "middle of nowhere".

Take that, Salt Lake City!

Potential-President Romney, if you want to appreciate Anglo-Saxon heritage, then you probably should start with appreciating the Anglo-Saxons (and their diligent Olympics preparations efforts) first.

What's next? Will it turn out that Romney bet on Bayern Munich over Chelsea in the 2012 Champions League final?

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